Uncommon Transitions is a podcast featuring conversations with people who have branched out of one line of work into something very different.

Together with my guests I explore this transition to figure out what drove them to such a change, how the change has panned out, and what they’ve learned from it.

Along the way we speak about the differences in professions (or occupations), and how the transition has impacted them personally.

The podcast’s focus is not on aspects like “managing” a career change, or “success” in a professional field — it is more an exploration of the guest’s journey through such a transition, with an aim to understand his or her motivations, concerns, inspirations, experiences, and learnings.

The podcast guests come from a variety of fields or backgrounds — there is no occupational preference for the people I want to talk to. The main criteria is that the occupations “before” and “after” represent a somewhat radical departure (and they’ve spent 5 or more years before and after the transition). For instance, I’m not keen on someone who worked in an IT corporation and then went on become an entrepreneur in the IT sector. But I am keen to talk to someone who moved from IT to, say, the social sector, or journalism, or farming. In other words, someone who has made an uncommon transition.

If you are interested to learn more, please write to me at manohar.sreekanth@gmail.com

About me

I’m a Bangalorean who mostly grew up in elsewhere, worked elsewhere, but now finds himself in this city he calls home. I’ve spent a little over two decades in the IT industry, most of them in Germany.

I write occasionally. Some of that stuff ends up here and here.